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Take advantage of the amazing potential of digital advertising and marketing. The team at Shamrock Digital Group can help your business by crafting effective and creative multimedia campaigns leveraging the most in-demand products and platforms.

Let us work with you to develop marketing and advertising plans that will increase your online presence, target your ideal demographic and accomplish your goals.

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Targeted Display Advertising

You tell us who, what, where, when & why and we will target your ideal audience on 90% of all websites. We’ll find customers already searching for your products and services.

Mobile Geo-fencing

Reach consumers at specific target like businesses, locations or points of interest. Use precision location targeting to reach mobile users when they enter these locations and for 30 days after they’ve left a location.

OTT Streaming Video

OTT is the fastest growing advertising medium in history! Reach the huge audience of cord-cutters and get in front of them when they’re consuming their favorite content. We offer full-service, programmatic campaign management for OTT, connected tv, streaming audio, display and digital out of home.

Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing moves the conversation about your business to a more personal environment – the inbox.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Use social media to market your business. Social media amplifies word of mouth recommendations which is the strongest form of marketing.

Custom Lead Gen

Get answers to marketing questions that are valuable to your business and engage with potential customers by launching fun photo contests, trivia games & giveaways.

Streaming Audio & Video

Reach highly engaged listeners with audio ad insertion on popular streaming music platforms and podcasts and put your video messages in front of viewers on YouTube and other streaming video services.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing cuts through the clutter and puts your message directly in the pockets (or purses) of your customers.

Google 360 Tours

Invite customers inside to experience the ambiance and decor of your business to entice them to come visit in person!


Search Engine Marketing

Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching for the things you offer and only pay when they click to visit your website or call.

Award Winning Graphic Design

Our team of designers will create ads that cut through the clutter and encourage engagement and action.

Live Dashboard Reporting

24/7 access to detailed campaign reporting on impressions, clicks, view throughs, ad interactions, social demographics and more.

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